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“Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS

Try this “prescription” from The “Don’t Diet” Doctor:

Love Your Self

today, no matter what you weigh

Be True To Your Self

trust your intuition, your answers are within

Express Your Self

balance your mood instead of coping with food

Give To Your Self

nurture by feeding your true hunger

Believe In Your Self

act as if you are already free and so it shall be

Are you tired of diets and traditional weight loss programs?
Do you want a diet-free solution with intuitive eating coaching?
Would you like a weight loss coach with 20+ years of experience?

You can get started with Dr. Dorie as your Intuitive Eating Weight Loss Coach TODAY – with a FREE Weight Loss Assessment. It’s a 10-question survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete. Dr. Dorie will analyze your results and send you a personal email with intuitive eating weight loss coach strategies just for you!

Do you find yourself craving and eating foods you know shouldn’t?
Might you have a Food Addiction or Binge Eating Disorder?
Would you like an eating disorder recovery coach?

Take Dr. Dorie’s FREE Weight Loss Assessment and discover if you have an eating disorder. With Dr. Dorie as your Weight Loss Coach and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, you can achieve the freedom and success you desire! Do you have 10 minutes? Take the 10-question survey & receive a personal reply from Dr. Dorie!

DON'T DIET – EDIT™ with Dr. Dorie!

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Intuitive Eating Weight Loss Coach and Best-Selling Author
“Dr Dorie” McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS

When Dorie was in the 5th Grade, she won a Young Authors Contest. Perhaps this was a sign of her future success as the Best-Selling Author of Dr Dorie’s Don’t Diet Book, which sold more than 8,000 copies in the first two months after its publication. Her next book, How Much Does Your Soul Weigh made the Top 100 Best-Seller list of  She has always loved to write – and she is currently completing work on her next book! If you’re interested in Self-Help Weight Loss Coaching or Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching, Dr. Dorie’s books, workbooks and CDs can allow you to be your own Weight Loss Coach! LEARN MORE

Dr. Dorie’s First Book features her story of recovery, plus diet-free solutions for obesity and eating disorder prevention. LEARN MORE

Dr. Dorie’s Second Book shares Intuitive Self-Care (now known as EDIT™) for healthy weight loss and ED recovery. LEARN MORE

Dr. Dorie’s Meditation CD offers visualizations to practice the five principles of Intuitive Self-Care (EDIT™). LEARN MORE

Dr. Dorie’s Self-Help System includes her books, workbooks, CD plus daily guidelines for success. LEARN MORE

Why is Dr. Dorie known as The “Don’t Diet” Doctor?

Believing that she had to be “thin to fit in,” Dorie went on her first diet when she was in the 6th Grade – and joined two-thirds of girls who are estimated to be on their first diet by their 10th birthday. At first she received compliments for her weight loss, but by age 11 she had become Anorexic. Threatened to be “tube-fed” if she didn’t eat more, she restored enough weight so her friends and family wouldn’t worry. Although she “looked fine,” she continued to struggle with Body Image Issues and fluctuated between Dieting and Binge Eating throughout Middle School and High School. In College, she was a Varsity Athlete, and ultimately became Bulimic, like many of her teammates. In Graduate School, Dorie’s Bulimia worsened – with weight fluctuations from Anorexic lows to highs of Obesity. In her late 20’s, Dorie sought treatment for her Eating Disorders, and finally found freedom from these behaviors after more than 15 years of misery. She wondered, “What would have happened if I never went on that first diet?” 

Now, as an Intuitive Eating Weight Loss Coach and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach with nearly 20 years of clinical experience, it is Dr. Dorie’s mission to build awareness of the dangers of diets, to offer diet-free solutions to overcome obesity, and to guide individuals with eating disorders on a journey of complete recovery. LEARN MORE

Dr. Dorie’s favorite color is LEOPARD!

This is a symbol of
my recovery,
which reflects being seen
as my True Self
(no matter what I weigh)!
– Dr. Dorie

What is EDIT™? Hint: It’s NOT a DIET!

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ is the healthy weight loss and eating disorder treatment approach developed by “Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS based on her own journey of recovery from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Food Addiction and Obesity. As a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Intuitive Eating Weight Loss Coach, Dr. Dorie has been using the EDIT™ method for more than 20 years. Her clients report true freedom from their food, weight and body worries!



Join Dr. Dorie for her next FREE webinar, from the comfort of your own home! You’ll learn how Dr. Dorie’s Don’t Diet – EDIT™ method can guide you to a healthy weight. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone! LEARN MORE


If you or someone you love is struggling with Obesity or Eating Disorders, Dr. Dorie and her team of EDIT™ Certified Counselors can help! Telephone weight loss coaching and in-person counseling sessions are available. LEARN MORE


Become a Weight Loss Coach or Eating Disorder Recovery Coach! Attend Dr. Dorie’s next EDIT™ Certified webinar series, which starts April 6th. Start your own coaching business and make a difference for others! LEARN MORE


Dr. Dorie has appeared on television shows including the Fox News Channel, and her expert commentary has been featured in magazines including Shape, Glamour, Natural Health, Women’s Health and Fitness and many others. LEARN MORE

I know what it’s like
to struggle with
eating disorders
and weight problems.
I also know
how to be free!
Would you like to learn
my intuitive solution?

– Dr. Dorie

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Intuitive Eating Weight Loss Coach | Eating Disorder Recovery Coach
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