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This blog features Dr. Dorie’s expert commentary about “weighty issues” in the news – the latest fad diets (and why they don’t work), childhood obesity, weight stigma, eating disorder awareness and prevention.

Dr. Dorie’s advice features strategies based on the five principles of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ – which was originally developed for the treatment of diet-induced obesity, binge eating disorder, food addiction, body image issues and other types of eating disorders.

By following Dr. Dorie’s approach including these healthy weight loss tips, you can naturally achieve your healthy weight – DON’T DIET, EDIT™!

  • Love Your Self – today, no matter what you weigh

  • Be True To Your Self – trust your intuition, your answers are within

  • Express Your Self – balance your mood instead of coping with food

  • Give To Your Self – nurture by feeding your true hunger

  • Believe In Your Self – act as if you are already free and so it shall be

You’ve probably seen the Peanuts® cartoon, where Lucy is giving advice to Charlie Brown for 5¢. 

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Ask the Don’t Diet Doctor – Guilt Free Desserts

Dear Dr. Dorie: I am trying to allow myself to eat desserts occasionally, without guilt. However, if my husband sees me eating the ‘goodies,’ he criticizes me. What can I do? – Have Unhelpful Hubby Dear Have Unhelpful Hubby: You have taken a major positive step by enjoying guilt free desserts! You are better off by eating the dessert that you want rather than depriving yourself and then overeating other foods to try to satisfy the taste you desire. It is unfortunate that your husband cannot support you, but it is likely that he is responding out of old ‘diet mentality’ thinking which states, ‘dessert is bad, dessert makes you fat.’ However, dessert is not a ‘bad’ food like some people think. Food is just protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. The nutrients in the dessert will be used by your body, just as the nutrients from so-called ‘good’ foods. If you only ate dessert, you would probably be low on certain nutrients and high on others, and you wouldn’t feel very good. When you eat dessert along with a variety of other whole foods, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, then you can have an excellent balance of nutrients. As for dessert portion size, tune into your body’s signals. It can be easy to overeat dessert, because the food tastes good. However, you don’t need to weigh or measure the portion size to eat the right amount. Learn to pay attention to how the food tastes: its texture, temperature, flavor, and consistency. Enjoy each bite you take. After each one, decide whether you need another. It usually only...

Ask the Don’t Diet Doctor – Family Triggers Anxiety

Dear Dr. Dorie: As we head into Fall, I’m already feeling anxious as I anticipate all of the upcoming “Food Holidays.” I tend to feel upset when I’m around specific family members, and then I overeat as a means of coping. What can I do to cope a healthy way this year? – Family Triggers Anxiety Dear Family Triggers Anxiety: You are not alone in having to deal with difficult family members, and there are several solutions I can offer you to manage your anxiety, instead of using food as a means of coping! I applaud you for reaching out for help – this year you can enjoy healthy “Food Holidays.” Let’s take a closer look at a typical family scene you might have experienced in past years. Imagine that it’s Thanksgiving, and you’re at a family gathering. Your uncle comments about your weight, and suddenly you’re reaching for another serving of appetizers.  Your mother probes about your relationship, and now you help yourself to more mashed potatoes.  Your grandmother asks where you’re going with your life, and you wish you could eat the entire pumpkin pie. Your specific situation may be a variation of this scene, but if you’re in recovery from an eating disorder, you probably have emotional triggers.  And your family probably knows exactly how to push your emotional trigger buttons.  Thanksgiving can be a challenging Holiday, because food is usually available in abundance, making it very easy to turn to overeating or binge eating as a means of coping. In preparation for your next “Food Holiday,” create an action plan you can use for healthy coping.  First, replay your...

Too Thin? Biggest Loser of 2014

Dear Dr. Dorie: What do you think about this year’s winner on The Biggest Loser 2014? I think she’s taken her weight loss too far, and she actually looks like she’s starving. Do you think she’s anorexic? – Biggest Loser Not A Winner Dear Biggest Loser Not A Winner, It’s ironic, isn’t it, that Rachel Frederickson was once told she was too fat, but now as the “Biggest Loser” she is being told she’s too thin.  Are Obesity and Anorexia flip sides of the same coin? As an Eating Disorder Treatment Specialist for nearly 20 years, I have seen more clients than I can count who have “flipped” from one type of eating disorder for another.  There are three main types of eating disorders – Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder.  Anorexic clients can become Bulimic or Binge Eaters, Bulimic clients can become Anorexic or Binge Eaters, and Binge Eaters can become Bulimic or Anorexic. Rachel Frederickson was Obese – was she a Binge Eater, who is now Anorexic?  There are many factors which are considered when making an eating disorder diagnosis, and without talking directly with Rachel and knowing more details of her eating and weight history, I cannot give her any type of eating disorder diagnosis.  However, I am very concerned about her dramatic weight loss – and how this has affected her physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In addition to the treatment of eating disorders, I also provide diet-free solutions for clients to overcome Obesity.  I always emphasize that weight loss is an outcome of other goals, such as Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Exercise.  I guide clients to...

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