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“Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, LAC, CEDS

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Eating Disorder Addiction Speaker – Dr. Dorie McCubbrey is an internationally acclaimed professional speaker about eating disorders, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse, and other addictions.

Dr. Dorie has more than 20 years experience providing motivational speeches, seminars, workshops and retreats. She became known as “The Don’t Diet Doctor,” offering intuitive solutions to obesity and eating disorders.

She also offers clinical keynotes, breakout sessions, and staff trainings.  Dr. Dorie’s most requested topic is her treatment approach of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™


Testimonial Letters

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It is refreshing to have such relevant training and program options that were seamlessly used in our existing programming structure. We would highly recommend this program to other treatment facilities and eating disorder specialists.

Carla Chabot, Executive Director
BridgePoint Center for Eating Disorders

Dr. Dorie has proven herself
to be 
one of the most effective
teacher facilitators we have ever had
dealing with this physical/mental
problem which plagues
so many people….
I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Jack Groverland, Senior Minister
Unity of Boulder

My experience at Dr. Dorie’s retreat was truly eye opening.… I learned how to get in tune with my body and listen to what it needed. I can now tap into many aspects of my inner voice that helps guide me in all different aspects of my life.

Amy Skolen, Workshop Attendee
President, Strategic Solutions

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