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“I know what it’s like to struggle
with eating disorders and obesity.
I also know what it’s like to be free!
The five principles of EDIT™
are my ongoing guides of freedom,  
and EDIT™ can show you the way, too!”

– Dr. Dorie


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Dr. Dorie’s Self-Help System #1

  • Dr. Dorie’s Don’t Diet Book – Groundbreaking research about complete recovery from eating disorders and diet-free solutions to obesity
  • How Much Does Your Soul Weigh? – Dr. Dorie’s most recent book, featuring Intuitive Self-Care to overcome food, weight and body worries
  • Weight Success Meditation CD – Dr. Dorie’s guided visualizations for the five principles of EDIT™ – Love Your Self, Be True To Your Self, Express Your Self, Give To Your Self, Believe In Your Self


Dr. Dorie’s Self-Help System #2

  • 8-Week Complete Recovery & Weight Success System – The next best thing to working 1-on-1 with Dr. Dorie!  You receive System #1 plus:
  • Dr. Dorie’s Don’t Diet Workbook – Includes a 28-day journal to help you overcome overeating and learn how to be an intuitive eater
  • How Much Does Your Soul Weigh Worksbook – Features the “recipes for success,” and techniques Dr. Dorie uses to her guide clients
  • DON’T DIET – EDIT™ Guidelines – Suggestions about how to read the books, complete the workbooks and listen to the CD for best results
  • FREE Gifts – Coupons for coaching sessions, bonus articles by Dr. Dorie, plus something special just for you!

Dr. Dorie’s Self-Help Systems – Descriptions of Books, Workbooks and CD

Dr. Dorie’s “DON’T DIET” Book (1998, Positive Pathways Press)

Dr. Dorie McCubbrey’s first book shares details of her own journey of recovery from eating disorders and obesity, including how her real freedom began when she learned how to love herself (at her highest weight)! From this place of Self-Love, Dr. Dorie then stopped dieting and began trusting her body with an intuitive process to heal itself from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. Discovering that her weight problem finally “solved itself,” Dr. Dorie began sharing her diet-free solution with her clients, to guide them to live free of the “weight loss games.”

This obesity and eating disorder self help book is designed to help prevent eating disorders by encouraging a diet-free solution to weight problems. You’ll learn:

  • the games dieters play — and why none of them works
  • the diary of a “loser” — and how to shift into the diary of “freedom”
  • the four aspects of weight problems — and how to heal in a holistic way
  • case studies of Dr. Dorie’s clients — with testimonials of their success

How Much Does Your Soul Weigh? (2003, HarperCollins)

Dr. Dorie’s next book suggests that many people worry excessively about how much their bodies weigh – but these weight worries are the real weight people need to lose, given the heavy burden placed upon the body, mind, and the soul. Dr. Dorie reveals a plan for “Intuitive Self-Care,” so you can begin to unburden your soul of all the “weighty attitudes” of the diet mentality — rigid rules, negative self-talk, and unrealistic goals — that lead to very real feelings of disappointment and hopelessness.

With empathy and insight, Dr. Dorie explores and explains the importance of an intuitive attitude toward your eating, exercise, and weight. In this obesity and eating disorder self help book, you’ll discover:

  • anorexia and obesity are “flip sides of the same coin” — why diets make weight problems worse
  • the four archetypal weight problems — and how to overcome them for good
  • a quiz to evaluate your weight loss efforts — to assess, how much does your soul weigh?
  • a 30-day plan of therapeutic “recipes” — designed especially to nourish your soul

It’s refreshing to hear someone who has been
through the hardhsips of the weight-game…
She gives good examples of ways to recognize personal
wants and needs that really do not stem from food…
A good resource as a book and person.

5 Star Amazon Review

This is a must read… It helps bring about a deep peace
because it’s truth and the spirit knows all things…
She is a great writer and knows the issue inside and out
because she has lived the weight and eating hell…
I am free and now, and would highly recommend!

5 Star Amazon Review

Weight Success Meditation CD

Dr. Dorie provides basic instruction about meditation, followed by guided visualizations for each of the five principles of Intuitive Self-Care (which Dr. Dorie now refers to as Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy – EDIT™). Each meditation is approximately 10 minutes in length.

Consider listening to one of these meditations each morning or evening. You’ll experience how to:

  • Love Your Self – with imagery to be “in” your body
  • Be True To Your Self – by accessing your intuition
  • Express Your Self – through emotional release
  • Give To Your Self – by being “in the flow”
  • Believe In Your Self – with ongoing success

Dr. Dorie’s “DON’T DIET” Workbook

This obesity and eating disorder self help workbook is the companion to Dr. Dorie’s Don’t Diet Book, and provides the space to answer questions asked by Dr. Dorie in the book. In addition, the workbook features a 28-day journal to guide you how to use the intuitive “check-in” process described in the book, so you can break free of the extremes of dieting and bingeing. You’ll learn how to heal your weight problem in a holistic way, at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels!

How Much Does Your Soul Weigh Workbook

This obesity and eating disorder self help workbook is the companion to How Much Does Your Soul Weigh, and includes the questions for self-reflection plus the quizzes in the appendix. In addition, the workbook features a 30-day journal for you to follow the “recipes for success” – therapeutic strategies for each of the five principles of “Intuitive Self-Care.” You’ll discover the deeper meaning of Dr. Dorie’s EDIT™ message – Love Your Self, Be True To Your Self, Express Your Self, Give To Your Self, Believe In Your Self!

“Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS
Healthy Weight Loss & Eating Disorder Self Help Author

Dr. Dorie holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Akron, and a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan. This unique combination of credentials allows her to address the complex psychological issues which underlie weight problems and eating disorders, as well as physical issues including nutrition, intuitive eating, fitness and body image. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado (LPC.0002532). As a LPC, Dr. Dorie is familiar with mental health issues which often co-occur with eating disorders, such as alcoholism and other addictions, depression, and anxiety. She has been a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders and obesity for more than 20 years.

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ is the “complete recovery” treatment approach developed by “Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, MSEd, PhD, LPC, CEDS – it was initially created in 1995, following her own journey of recovery from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder. Her DON’T DIET – EDIT™ approach is what she used to overcome her own struggles with chronic dieting, rebound weight gain, and obesity. Dr. Dorie’s outpatient counseling practice, Positive Pathways, is currently located in Denver, Colorado. At the Positive Pathways office, she trains and supervises EDIT™ Certified Counselors, and she also provides treatment for clients in recovery from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Food Addiction, Obesity and other issues with food and weight.

Dr. Dorie is the Best-Selling Author of Dr. Dorie’s Don’t Diet Book (1998 by Positive Pathways Press) and How Much Does Your Soul Weigh (2003 by Harper Collins Publishers). As a healthy weight loss expert, feature articles have appeared in magazines including Glamour, Shape, and Natural Health. She has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows, including the Fox News Channel. She is working on her third book!

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