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“Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey – The “Don’t Diet Doctor” – is an internationally acclaimed Eating Disorders Expert, a pioneer of Intuitive Eating, a Healthy Weight Loss Coach and an advocate for Health at Every Size (HAES®),  with 25 years of experience. She is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, Healthy Weight Loss Coach, and the creator of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ – featuring evidence-based techniques for emotional eating, compulsive overeating, overweight or obesity issues, chronic dieting, yo-yo weight loss, weight loss obsession, binge eating disorder, bulimia, and anorexia. EDIT™ involves the practice of five principles which Dr. Dorie learned on her own journey of eating disorder recovery. Dr. Dorie provides EDIT™ eating disorder training and certification for health professionals, treatment centers and college campuses. She is a best-selling author and keynote speaker on eating disorders, healthy weight loss, and diet freedom, whose expert commentary has recently been featured in US News & World Report and on ABC News. 

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What is EDIT™?

Hint: It’s NOT a DIET!

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ is a comprehensive approach featuring evidence-based practices, developed by eating disorder food addiction specialist “Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, LAC, CEDS. EDIT™ addresses all of the essential areas of eating disorder recovery, and features the practice of five principles that Dr. Dorie learned during her own journey of recovery:

  • Love Your Self — improve body image & clarify values
  • Be True To Your Self — “don’t diet” … live intuitively & mindfully
  • Express Your Self — learn healthy coping & heal core issues
  • Give To Your Self — feed your true hunger with Self-Care
  • Believe In Your Self — relapse prevention & lasting recovery


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Dr. Dorie’s expert commentary was recently featured on ABC News

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The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training and certification is ideal for Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Dietitians, Nutritionists, and other similar licensed professionals. The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training and credential is a great clinical skill for professionals with expertise in addiction treatment or trauma healing.

The EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training and certification is also ideal for a newly emerging area of Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching. If you already have training as a Health Coach, Life Coach or Recovery Coach, the EDIT™ Certified eating disorder training is an excellent addition to other coaching credentials. This can also be a great starting point to launch an Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching business – no advanced degrees or pervious experience are required


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"With my EDIT™ Certification, I'm excited to expand my coaching business to address eating disorders! I struggled with eating disorders when I was in college, and I hope to bring EDIT™ skills to colleges and universities."

Mary Casey

EDIT™ Certified III - Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

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"I would highly recommend the EDIT™ Certified Retreat! Dr. Dorie presents the material in both an experiential and educational way. She has a depth of wisdom for helping clients free themselves from eating disorders."

April Lyons, MA, LPC, R-DMT

EDIT™ Certified III - Eating Disorder Treatment Clinician

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"As a school counselor in a school setting, I see more and more body image issues occurring across all grade levels. The EDIT™ Certification helps me be more confident in how I interact and respond to these students."

Rebecca Hoyle, MSEd

EDIT™ Certified I, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

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"The EDIT™ Certified Retreat was a great experience! I really loved the beautiful location and outdoor activities. I also learned many practical skills that I will be using often with my clients in recovery from eating disorders."

Emily Johnson, MA

EDIT™ Certified - Eating Disorder Treatment Clinician