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Eating Disorders and Trauma: Holiday Coping Skills
Eating Disorders and Trauma: Holiday Coping Skills

The holiday season can flare up remembrance of past trauma. Perhaps it is reminders of loved ones who have created the trauma, being around non-supportive folks or maybe even how traumatic experiences occurred right around the holidays. So how then, can we wrap up trauma with a pretty little bow? Being able to wrap up or contain our trauma from affecting our daily lives is a difficult task. Here are a few ideas for how to start the process:

Eating Disorders and Emotions: Inside Out
Eating Disorders and Emotions: Inside Out

To illustrate how we can navigate through the complexities of eating disorders and emotions, the movie Inside Out by Disney’s Pixar offers a wonderful roadmap. If you haven’t seen Inside Out, or you want a chance to see it again and discuss its incredible message, please join us at Positive Pathways for Movie Night on December 11th from 6-8pm!

Eating Disorder Support Groups - Evergreen Colorado
Eating Disorder Support Groups

I remember what it was like when I was struggling with eating disorders – I tried to hide my eating disorder behaviors from others, I justified my actions if I was confronted, and I denied that I had a problem. I felt ashamed about my eating disorder behaviors, confused because I couldn’t control them, and afraid to ask for help. To cover up all of those uncomfortable feelings, I turned to my eating disorder even more. Can you relate?

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