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Eating Disorder Support Groups

Eating Disorder & Addiction Recovery Support Groups

I remember what it was like when I was struggling with eating disorders – I tried to hide my eating disorder behaviors from others, I justified my actions if I was confronted, and I denied that I had a problem. I felt ashamed about my eating disorder behaviors, confused because I couldn’t control them, and afraid to ask for help. To cover up all of those uncomfortable feelings, I turned to my eating disorder even more. Can you relate?

Eventually, I had a moment of honesty with myself – I admitted that I had an eating disorder, and that I needed help. I had a friend who was in school to be a social worker, and I contacted her to see if she had any resources for me. She told me about eating disorder support groups in my area, and suggested that I start there. What?!? Walk into a room full of people I don’t know, with the label eating disorder stuck to me?

My friend explained that other people at eating disorder support groups probably felt the same way when they went to their first meeting. She added that although I might not know anyone, that we would all share a similar experience – and that I would quickly feel understood and connected with others. Really? There are other people like me? I won’t have to feel so alone any more?

I contacted the facility where the eating disorder support groups were held, to get some additional information, and to ease my worry about what to expect. I learned that there were usually 4-6 people at the eating disorder support groups, and that the groups were led by a therapist who had her own recovery experience. I finally tried my first group, and I was immediately welcomed into the room. We discussed strategies for recovery, and I felt such hope! Does this sound good to you?

As a result of my own eating disorder recovery, I became inspired to guide others with what I had learned. As a Licensed Addiction Counselor and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, I have been leading eating disorder support groups and providing eating disorder counseling for more than 20 years. The eating disorder support groups we provide at Positive Pathways are very similar to the original groups I attended. Would you like to try a group?

The format of our eating disorder and addiction recovery support group features check-ins about your week (what is going well, and where you are feeling “stuck”). After each check-in, group members offer feedback and strategies they find helpful to support their own recovery. We then have discussion about Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ recovery skills, and topics from addiction recovery books. In nice weather, we meet outdoors!


Want to try a SUPPORT GROUP? Dr. Dorie starts new groups when there are enough people who express interest to attend. Please let her know you wish to participate, and what days and times are best for you. Each group is typically 90 minutes. EMAIL DR. DORIE

Interested in a FREE consultation with Dr. Dorie? Dr. Dorie is passionate about her method of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ to help people overcome eating disorders and addictions.  She provides customized counseling for eating disorders and alcohol / drug addiction at her Positive Pathways treatment center in Evergreen, Colorado – and EDIT™ eating disorder training and certification for coaches and clinicians worldwide. CALL 303-494-1975EMAIL DR. DORIE – GET CERTIFIED

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