Dr Dorie’s Self-Help System #1


Dr. Dorie’s “DON’T DIET” Workbook

This obesity and eating disorder self help workbook is the companion to Dr. Dorie’s Don’t Diet Book, and provides the space to answer questions asked by Dr. Dorie in the book. In addition, the workbook features a 28-day journal to guide you how to use the intuitive “check-in” process described in the book, so you can break free of the extremes of dieting and bingeing. You’ll learn how to heal your weight problem in a holistic way, at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels!


Dr. Dorie’s Don’t Diet Book (Autographed Copy) – Groundbreaking research about complete recovery from eating disorders and diet-free solutions to obesity

How Much Does Your Soul Weigh? (Autographed Copy) – Dr. Dorie’s most recent book, featuring Intuitive Self-Care to overcome food, weight and body worries

Weight Success Meditation CD – Dr. Dorie’s guided visualizations for the five principles of EDIT™ – Love Your Self, Be True To Your Self, Express Your Self, Give To Your Self, Believe In Your Self


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