Give To Your Self

EDIT™ Principle #4 – Give To Your Self

The fourth EDIT™ Principle involves Intuitive Self-Care – these are Self-Care practices which can truly be replenishing, at all levels of being: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical. This is in contract to so-called “self-care” which is just another “should” on one’s never-ending  to-do list. Regular Self-Care which truly “feeds one’s True Hunger” is the key to long-term recovery. The EDIT™ process involves having ED-IT dialogues with clients. Here’s what this might sound like:

ED (false self) – “Everyone else needs me; my needs don’t matter.”

Self-care is considered “selfish” by the false self, who will give to others in self-sacrificing ways. The false self doesn’t perceive any needs – except the need to engage in eating disorder behaviors.

IT (True Self): “I matter; nurturing my Self is my priority.”

Self-care is considered “Selfish” (with a capital “S”) by the True Self. This implies giving to enhance the Self – including others as Self. When “filled from within,” there is more than enough to share with others.

Try this “taste” of EDIT™ – Ways to Care for My Self

Click on the image below for a downloadable worksheet which you can use to guide clients to explore the four aspects of the True Self – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical. Then, consider Self-care activities to “feed” each aspect of the True Self.


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