Wilderness Therapy Workshop – Evergreen, Colorado

Wilderness Therapy Workshop

When I was a young girl, I was intuitively drawn to be outdoors – whether helping my Dad in our garden, climbing trees with my friends, or laying in the grass watching the clouds – I have always preferred to be outside instead of inside. During my recovery from eating disorders, I found myself once again wanting to be in nature. I was awestruck by the many metaphors of recovery, when I would simply pause and notice – the strength of a tree which has weathered many storms, the ease of a river going with the flow, or the transformation of a butterfly emerging from her cocoon.

While in graduate school to become a counselor, I wrote a paper about “Ecopsychology,” which was an emerging field, involving the relationship between the environment and the human psyche, or the natural world and our inner world. A newer field has emerged, called “Wilderness Therapy,” which involves an integration of nature into the therapeutic process, to facilitate healing in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Now, as a Licensed Addiction Counselor and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, I’m always looking for ways to bring nature into my work with clients. This may be through the use of wilderness metaphors in my dialogues with clients, by taking mindfulness walks with clients outdoors, or by leading workshops and retreats in wilderness settings. My new office is located right by Evergreen Lake, with access to walking and hiking trails right outside the door!

I’m excited to be offering a 3-hour Wilderness Therapy Workshop on Saturday, June 23, 2018. In this small group of up to 8 members, we’ll take an easy walk into a nearby nature area. I’ll be guiding participants in a variety of nature-based therapeutic techniques, which are designed to enhance intuitive abilities – what I call the Intuitive Therapist within us all. Whether you are in recovery from an eating disorder or addiction, or if you’re simply on a path of personal growth, I invite you to join me for this special event! See flyer for details, and register by midnight on June 16 to get the Early Bird rate!



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